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Memo To Self

Be more like the man you were made to be.
Joelwantsto Joelwantsto 51-55, M 14 Responses Mar 6, 2011

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Some days better than others, <br />
this one worse than usual!

Poltergeists of the mind - they create chaos whenever they surface.

dead ghosts can be difficult, they come alive when disturbed.

Then realize one doesn't have to react to dead ghosts.

Then realize they exist only in the mind - second step...

One must realize the chains exist - first step to freedom...

The chains can be broken, one needs only assert oneself!

Can we exorcise them? Or are they our life companions?

The chains that rattle and clank silently within my mind

We carry our ghosts with us...<br />
Invisible chains that bind...

Free on the outside, yet still imprisoned on the inside.

The man in the mirror sees more clearly than I.

Look in the mirror....there's the man you're looking for.

You are made in your own image - be yourself always.