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Call Of Duty Black Ops

Videogame, responsible for breakups, divorces, and pissed off lovers everywhere.
fungirlmmm fungirlmmm 41-45, F 48 Responses May 8, 2011

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Have to say the online sorta killed it for me with this one, even though the addition of a Stoner 63 was quite astounding.<br />
<br />
Helluva campaign, though.

Okay. I look forward to it SM. Your avatar is hilarious.

Maybe I play diablo on the blackberry.

Maybe. I can get a blackberry phone. It's lot cheaper than a lap top computer. <br />
<br />
I will get at Target or Future Shop.

It was in China. I played with the ex. I don't have the game. It was fun.

just imagine what EP is doing to relationships everywhere?


well your not alone. i wouldnt call this one of your deeper stories and yet it has got quite a reaction ;o). I know im the odd one its been this way since the COD4 craze of 2007... lol

I love it.

ive played many games but COD has never taken my fancy ;O)

Why did u stop?

I played Diablo

boy i play and i play often lol<br />
<br />
COD is THE game and I like Diablo now too

I never play it.

COD is alot of fun, so is WOW, but...moderation is the key...Spent WAY to many hours playing I am addicted to :)

I actually have never played call of duty, but someone told me that its a fun game

I love it when my fellow gamers come out of the game to play here with me.

COD, 4 thru whatever, now World of Warcraft


7th prestige. not bragging

7th prestige. not bragging

Halo has caused just as many arguments as well...

Lmao! At roxanne & 8footdread <br />
What can I say <br />
This is not new to me <br />
& found my way to break his addiction<br />
Everytime I log in EP he quits the game ;)

Not a big fan on FPS's, luckily neither is lover boy. We're an RPGing couple. Of course if we lived in the same house there would probably be a domestic every time a new version of FF came out. xD

There is nothing like killing people in cyberspace with your lover lol.

My mom got me hooked on donkey kong when I was 4, ever since then I been pawning nobs!

LOL! you are a gamer? I had no clue!

Nothing like being in some foreign country killing their virtual soldiers raping their virtual land telling those nobs what is up. It is like step up son or go back to your mom. Don't be bring lamesauce to my game!

8, love it<br />
<br />
haha Phillip... Is that a hint to me?