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Bad Things Come In Threes (i Only Speak The Truth)

Lightening strike.
Car crash.
Man bearing chocolate & chain mail.
KatarinaVonSweet KatarinaVonSweet 36-40, F 5 Responses Apr 14, 2012

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Chained face up, the melting chocolate drips down your nipples.

Chocolate ~in~ chain mail can be really hard to clean.

Dinner with wine.<br />
A walk.<br />
Stripping each other in haste and with purpose.

now those three things sound good ..... not bad things at all.

Somehow chocolate and chain mail got me all turned around on this one.

It was my boss.... my lover.... my friend. Lightening struck work, and i was behind a car crash, the week before he started. He then came, gangling in, with a little bit of chain mail for a medieval exhibition, and a packet of chocolate biscuits... i thought he'd sort everything out, but he ran away too. hey ho.....

oh chain mail is fiddly stuff, but easy enough with patience.

lol one of the things I have picked up over the years in the sca( is the art of making chain mail ... and if you beg nice I will send you the browniee recapie that I have worked up..... it starts w/2 sticks of butter and 1 1/2 cups of coco powder and ends with dried cherries...