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Déjà vu

A quaint cafe...rain falling lightly...waiting for you...again...
Vignette Vignette 51-55, F 8 Responses Apr 22, 2012

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The night stars paint the face of his lost girl.

Even now my hungry eyes hurry to see no more.

She picked up her writer's quill...pondered on her thoughts...

His instinct shades love into the eyes of his painting.

There, between the brushstrokes and the pigment, love is born.

Eyes full of pure light spill for ever and ever.

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I was your friend, your lover, I was your man.

We thought we had life all figured out didn't we?

You were my girlfriend then, the best I ever had.

It's deja vu all over again. Can't escape the past.

You know I learned alot every time that you stoped.

I stopped? No, it was you. Your memory misinforms you.

I seen the rain and moved into the outside lane.

No one could disagree with his strategy to avoid water.

I crindge when I think that I almost drank some.

Hands him a jeweled goblet, "Drink up, my brave knight!"

He bowed in all directions, part of his social dutys.

The guests applauded his impeccable manners. She smiled at him.

Something occurred that he hadn't anticipated, he fell in love.

Heed my wise words. She's trouble! Kin to the devil.

It was nessecary to her mind to have an opinion.

She's just being neighborly to the new stranger next door.

She offered herself to all neighbors from time to time.

No she didn't! But Pete and Brian hoped she would.

She was the lovely lady who always painted her toes.

She painted them a shimmering rose pink just for him.

She had pulchritudinous feet and he liked them on him.

They snuggled into his lap as she read her book.

Her little piggies cryed, "thats the spot johnny, don't stop".

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She looked at the starry sunset and realized the miles.

She wondered how she would close the distance between them.

Remember those days we use to walk hand in hand.

We were so young. We didn't know what lay ahead.

The first I kissed, the first to make me sad.

I never wanted to make you sad. Forgive me, please?

I maintain if I never break I'll overtake the pain.

"I'm sorry...." She caressed his cheek, then kissed it softly.

She looked around with a sleepy air of expected caresses.

The moment stretched between them. Her nails tapped the table.

And hope looking backwards folded her wings and became regret.

A tear escaped and drowned in its own lonely image.

My spirit has no sense to gaze upon the day.

You must find a reason, in every season. I insist.

With every breath you take I will be watching you.

But I don't exist... I'm just an echo of imagination...

You must remember that I have only images and illusions.

Then we're in the same

Not dispising a hypothesis which covered a few imagined calamities.

Your illusions are perpendicular to my imaginings. A right angle.

My fair weather friend, your six degrees off the bacon.

Fair weather? Nonsense! There you go, imagining things once again.

Let the rains fall down let the cold winds blow.

Clutches coat and umbrella and shivers, "Ok, make it stop!"

Trouble Trouble Trouble Fly Away, Ha ha ha He he : )

They warned me you were full of black magic tricks!

There is nothing up my sleeve except love for you.

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In that life you left behind the years produce memories.

If only I could leave my tears behind as well...

Get on up and see it through, the days begun.

Yes, you are right. The only way out is through.

A gal told me that breed is stronger than pasture?

Odd quote from George. Are you saying I'm a cow? ;-)

Eliots characters partial meaning is natural born killers never lose.

Are you saying I'm a natural born killer? How perceptive...

Some hogs just got the good blood, keep it cool.

Cows, killers, hogs. Blood, swamps and bogs. My new song.

He was disposed to be silent for some time now.

She enjoyed the silence. Sipped her tea. Read a book.

As her mind grew into knowledge his grew into memory.

Tell me what you remember of us in September, 1998.

I don't remember one minute of 1998, not a second.

Oh, too bad. It was one of our wildest years!

It's coming back to me know, condems from the future?

Your memory is returning! We must celebrate your good fortune!

There are some questions that I would like to ask.

"Yes, I imagine so." She sipped her sweet chamomile tea.

He was silent, looking at the ground for two minutes.

Come sit next to me and ask me your questions.

What did my ortopsie reveal as the cause of death?

It was postponed indefinitely. They pronounced you alive and well. :)

I'm going to try to give my feet another stand.

Extends her hand, "I'll help you. Give me your hand."

I hear you calling, where are you? I love you...

She followed his voice in the darkness, she'll find him.

If you don't come soon I'll be wearing a shroud.

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Before you go please think it over one more time.

Only for you - I think of it one more time...

When I look at you, you smile and say hi.

When I see your eyes, my heart smiles and blushes.

Her body fell against his, so warm in his hands.

Thunder roared across the sky. Lightening crackled and rain fell.

A deep wave of blood was rising in his body.

Soaked and shivering, she pressed into his body for cover.

Something not so much like desire as an insane possessiveness.

An inferno engulfed her, took her breath away. She trembled.

She was not ashamed of what she had prayed for.

She was so focused on that one heartbeat between them.

Almost suspended in their bodies and becoming one living soul.

A murmuration of heart beats, intertwined in a spiral dance.

There was phantasm of delight that soothed their cravings.

A sweet release, tainted with the bitterness of a parting.

Darling it's this empty feeling that my heart can't disguise.

She put her ear to his heart - heard a symphony.

This sadness never ceases I'm still in love with you.

She brushed her fingers across his lips...then kissed him...

I wonder what she was thinking as she did this.

She thought it best to keep those musings to herself...

She sent wonder working vibrations through his heavy mortal frame.

The vibrations wracked his body with bliss until he trembled.

Having gone above physical levels, at point of spiritual insight.

Translation: It blew his mind...and other body parts unmentionable.

I am fixing a hole where the rain gets in.

If you do that, then the sun can't get in.

It stops my mind from wandering, where it will go.

I'll have a talk with your mind. It won't wander.

Grabbed my hat and made the bus in seconds flat.

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Looking back on the photograph, I could write you paragraphs.

Write me a sonnet to tuck in my bonnet, please.

I recall that you were mine back in nineteen fourtynine.

My heart was true, I waited for you, all day.

Oh darling darling darling darling darling is this thee end?

Thee end? No, not. It's full of rot, I say!

You have to see the soil under the compost bin!

Why do I always get stuck doing your dirty work??

You know that I can't do it all by myself.

I'm expecting a reward for soiling my hands like this.

I might mop the floor but you'll have to help.

You call that a reward? You'll have to do better.

Present analysis of what must be done to rectify situation.

"But I don't like hard labor!" Whines pitiful mewling noises.

Careful you don't get killed by the automatic litter box.

Too late. :-( I have lost 3 of my 9 lives!

I might shut you up once in the coal hole :-)

Promises, promises! I bet you say that to all women.

The possibility his words suggested aroused her power of selfcommand.

You mock and tease a simple woman of claustrophobic delights.

After we get cleaned up we'll go right back in.

You mean you're coming with me? As my personal escort?

If I put you in alone you'll get dirty again.

I can't help it. When I'm left alone I....I....

Press my hands in my arm pits then sniff them.

How did you know? Have you been spying on me?

I wasn't spying. You were hyped up on goof balls.

I think you slipped me the goof balls, didn't you?

An eager effort to put an end to the terror.

"What kind of terror?" She looked at the Stranger, puzzled.

I'm in so much trouble over just a little joke.

I'll forgive you if you just tell me one thing...

Oh baby, you don't know how much I'm missing you.

So sweet! But you're distracting me...I've forgotten my question...

He gradually communicated to her all that he could describe.

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I had fallen, sprained my ankle. <br />
Stupid rubber soled shoes.

Here, this Ice Cream Mars Bar will make it better. ;-D

You really know how to talk to guys in pain ;)

(My wit often precedes my reasoning ability, and I am not known for my social grace or timing...let me try again...)

Let me see your ankle...I promise to be gentle...

It's ok, really. My pride hurts more than my foot.

Care for a Scotch? It'll lessen the pain for both.

Thanks, I'd love a glass. Do you have any Bowmore?

A fine choice! Let us toast tonight to new friends.

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Remember the first time you took me for a walk.

Yes, you pretended to be lost. Very clever of you.

We discovered that smiling little village among the fruit trees.

The sweet lull of a guitar...two glasses of wine...

Under the moonlight we danced and held each other tight.

Night was were the sun in my eyes...

The sun set and all the roads grew dark again.

Don't worry. I know the way. You're safe with me.

A journey far from the forest that was his home.

We'll get a fresh start in the morning. Rest now.

He rests his weary head on her bossom most graciously.

She draws a blanket around them and closes her eyes.

Their subconcious recognizes the beginnings of a growth within themselves.

They surrender to night...and to forces greater than themselves...

Sap circulates many times before the detection of a bud.

A flower releases its fragrance when warmed by the sun.

Her gardens yeild was larger than she had ever expected.

An explosion of flowers bloomed around her, to her delight!

Suddenly it dawned on me, how wonderful your garden is.

You may pluck any flower from it that you wish.

she loves me, she loves me not, she loves me

Daisy petals marked his footsteps along her secret garden path.

Quite contrary, silver bells down little itty bitty rock trails.

He got lost, and once again wouldn't ask for directions...

Standing in the shadows of love, don't unzip your zipper.

Don't change the subject. I'll take the pastrami on rye.

Super excellent pork pies don't turn out well by chance.

The fermentation process adds a robust flavor and unmistakable aroma.

You can lie like a pie on the window sill.

I'll need my sunblock - SPF 4027. Hand me my hat.

She said "I can't believe I'm letting you do this."

He said, "I can't believe she's going to let me..."

Oh he didn't ask, that was the beauty of it.

Once again, the stranger takes liberties, without revealing his name...

The hard man hung his head back, "Long live liberty."

She threw his drink in his face. "Here's your liberty!"

Live long maybe you're half as hard as I am.

I'm soft as a newborn kitten - gentle as a lamb.

A stray lamb stood drinking on a woodland streams bank.

A sinister shadow stalked the lamb from behind the trees.

"How dare you muddle up my stream" he shouted fiercely.

A gruff and ragged mountain man lunged toward the lamb.

"Your highness," replied the trembling lamb, "do not be angry!"

I'm in the mood for a good mutton stew tonight!

"I wasn't born until this year" pleaded the innocent lamb.

On second thought, you're too adorable for a mutton stew...

A wild boar was sharpening his tusks on a stump.

A savage with spear in hand stalked the wild boar.

My weapons will have to be ready for use then.

I'll leave you now to do what men must do.

The comrades sat down very cheerfully to enjoy a meal.

The serving wenches snuck out the back door for town.

They will paint the town red with the ministers son.

He awaited their arrival with fine wines and flower bouquets.

Later he sang, "sweet mystery of life I found thee".

A harem of girls surrounded him to his sinful delight.

He had his fun now he's done, he's no Johnny!

Somehow I think Johnny gets his share of fun done. ;-)

Mere glances can not define the preciousness of the fruit.

Some mysteries lie deeply within the core of a woman.

let me touch your hand I know a tad more

Oh? Will you read my palm? What do you see??

Come closer, let me see you snap your finger tips.

"Snap my finger tips?" She comes closer out of curiosity.

He did nothing common or mean upon that memoriable scene.

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