Life Is But A Dream.

"Are you Horny?" he asks, distracting me from my thoughts.
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15 Responses May 14, 2012

He said yes I am very horny I would like you to suck my **** and then I can lick the come out of your ***** you always make me wanna you know that you're a horny bastard

Kiss me, let me taste your sexiness, pure naked bliss......

Just lay back and let me kiss and worship you.

Horny? Yes!!! May I lick your ***** and watch you ride my tongue and ***?

Have a Great Birthday, and many happy returns to you!

"Yes I am", she replies, "get down on your knees"

If he were attentive, needs and desires would be known.

Well...which is it?

thats for sure i hardly can haha

Are you dreaming about anyone right now, and whom is it about.

trust me you couldnt handle her

So, what was your reply?!

When he should have read that in your eyes..... if only,......

I could see by his erection, he was very horny.

he says yes i am horney hunny i love to lick you have sbx with you and kiss you