My Son till he was 9yo

We used to take a shower together. I miss that. 
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I see nothing wrong in what you did! So you were nude with him big deal! You did not have sex with him! Naturalists or nudist are nude with the whole family! It is how it is handled! Have a good day!

Aww PJ~~ Thanks for dropping by. You're so kind writting in your kind words. Have a good day also! (^-^) **Smiles**

The story did not strike me as sexual in any way. I may be wrong but it gave a sense of warmth and genuine affection combined with a regret at the loss of closeness.

Aww Rocky babe. ha ha Thanks for dropping by to write in. Appreciated. And thanks for the kind words.^^

You know, that just sounds wrong

Dragon I edited it. Hope that makes you feel easy. The culture here is quite different. Other families share bath with their kids till they reach HS. But I let my kid join me till last year. He's turned 10 this yr. Thanks for the comment.