The Upcoming Reunion.....

Can it REALLY be forty years since I graduated highschool ?????????
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My 20th is coming up in a couple of months. I was thinking the same thing. Hope I will be around for my 40th. Hope it is a blast. A chance to get to see and speak to all the people that I only get updates on from facebook. Have a great one.

I have attended all four (4!... Laughing ) of my high school reunions. They have a been a pleasure.... I wishing the same for you!

I just had my 20th ... but I didn't go ... for some reason, I can't muster up the desire to go. I figure if someone from high school really wanted to get a hold of me, they'll be able to ... why wait every ten years to connect?!?! Idk ... but might be cool to go to the 40th ... You know that's more years than I've been alive? Haha ... I'm just teasin' ;) You know I love you :D

I'm soooo sorry... Forgive me Thrive.... If a recent comment hadn't appeared, I wouldn't have had this chance to say hello, tell you how much I miss you, and send you this BIG ole HUG!
I MISS you pal.... ( longs for her old friend )

That is kind of a crazy milestone. Did you go to your other reunions?

Hello Dollbaby.... Yes, I attended in '82...'92...'02...yikes, I just depressed myself. It's kinda fun revisiting a tiny farming town.but, now that I think about it, not THAT fun. Hug and a squeeze .... ;-)

Well, I hope this time it's fun :p. hugs to you, too!

Time flies quickly by,<br />
Forty years,<br />
the bl<x>ink of eye.

I'm so sorry, you left this comment WAAAY back in June, and I'm just now finding it...
( hangs head ) I love what you wrote... Take good care poet!

I'm gonna have to drink, Weekie....I'm just warning you....but, I won't line dance, I promise!

Awwgh go on! go for it :)

Well...........they say 40 is the new 20........they just didn't say we couldn't apply that principal to other no. It's only been 20 years! ( Want me to show you how to make a Twinkie a negative calorie food too? Trust me. I've got this down to a science!! )

Haha.... This is several months late, AND a dollar short! I commented in the wrong place, and you probably thought I was stuck up.... ( good thing she KNOWS I'm not!)