If I went back to college...I'd study tattoo removal.
Lilt Lilt
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Add earlobe reconstruction. That's going to be big one day.

Great potential business. Yes, I think combining it with lasik is a good move. It could be a tattoo removal, lasik and botox parlor.

Yep, we could do it all at the one- stop shop! I think I will call the place "Clean Slate. "

That is a catchy name, really very clever . I like it. I wish I could come up with good names but I don't.

Knowing me, I would have an idea for a business and then never be able to open it because I couldn't think of a name for it.

Around here, there is a coffee stand on every corner and they have catchy names and I always wonder how they think of them.

There's probably a fortune to be made in thinking up clever names and titles for things.

Good one.

Good plan. I think I'll join you.

From reading its really painful and expensive. The person has to go more than once....its a process. I'm kinda glad I didn't get them when I was younger...I would of probably gotten some stupid ones. I sometimes tell people to think about it for a while...at least a year if possible.

great idea

Brilliant, my brother was contemplating a new tatto to cover up an old one recently.

Why? Because people change their minds.<br />
<br />
I recently met a young woman with a large flower tattoo on her forearm. I asked what kind of flower it was and it's significance. She said it was a new tat to cover up an old one. Hmmm. <br />
She said that now she is more mature (22 yrs.) she realized the old tattoo of a giant razor blade was kinda stupid. The new flower/ razor blade tattoo is much cooler.<br />
<br />
What happens when she gets older, like 24 yrs. old??? Then what? At some point, I think people are going to want a clean slate.<br />

*sneaks off to google tattoo removal* <br />
<br />
$ounds like it hurt$.

Yes. Brilliant.

My next tattoo will be a sock puppet of love.

: )