He Did Not Want To But...

His love for her forced him to tell her goodbye.
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it is often the lost of love that forces us to see who we really are as a human being. we love so deep with such compassion that it is only healing to leave. xoxo

Bull! If there's a will,theres always a way! Stop being so melodramatic & noble & go for it! Real love never dies nor do winners ever lose/quit, losers never win>> u know this~

It's all in the details. Sometimes the most loving thing we can do is let someone go regardless of how painful it is for us. Nothing whatsoever to do with being noble.

I thought/think this way, I said that too. I truly loved/love him so if I cannot give him what he wants, then I must allow another/other to give him what I thought I couldn't. I end up 'could' given him what he & I both wanted, me even more so then him. It's b/c of this attitude of noble, honer & faith I was able to get & give w/so much more, more then what I even bargained for, so yes...I do understand.

Good for you!

Thx,but don't ya see? I want this for you as well~

Yes I know, and I appreciate it.

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