of societal norms, the worlds transformed through starvation and war
gimmekarma gimmekarma
26-30, M
1 Response Sep 22, 2012

With no redeeming social value it becomes easy to forget

That the bottom ring is struggling, eaten up by debt

So the middle class steps down a notch to fill...

The empty void, yes this is conspiracy, not being paranoid

We're made to run in circles to keep the pace

The politics of poverty just keep us in our place

I dont believe in vampires, nosferatu is not for me

I dont believe in werewolves cuz their just a fantasy

I dont believe in boogeymen noone is under my bed

Only monsters that are real, the ones inside our head

I believe in zombies, because i see them every day

They populate the city streets their consumed by this apathy

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