God I feel so empty... what a mess I've made...
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I don't really know you, but you seem so incredibly sensitive and amazingly bright. You really do deserve the best. Life is just so very hard. But when its good, its good!

I am walking with you, through these shadows of darkness.

Thank you...

Been there, this too shall pass

we admit that we have messed us. we then sit and work out a plan to clean it all up. so we can heal.

Accepting blame, taking responsability, is the start of healing and maturity. Being aware of our faults finally opens the door to change. It allows us to correct and live better lives. And so you are on the mend, and already a better person.

Oh, I was going to respond about you asking when the bus is leaving. What was the mess, if you don't mind.

Just me being selfish...

I forgive you, everyone is human. It makes it interesting...

Thank you :)

At YOUR age , u probly SHUDAV known better ....

lol... ya think?

Yeah ..I do watta gonna do ta FIX yur mess

Um... hope?

I was gonna say TAKE ACTION , ..but THAT'S probly wut GOT u in trouble to BEGIN wth ...right?

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