i miss you very much......

i know doesn't matter anymore.

papri papri
31-35, F
1 Response Nov 20, 2012

Of course it matters

Who you miss is part of who you are

I miss someone with an ache that makes me cry out loud

But I would far rather live with this pain that not miss him at all

maybe it does..but not really..i am already very much far and i am staying away from contacting....sometimes tears just glide down my cheeks even without feeling sad...i feel tired to cry even..things change people change but i seem to be just the same....

Have you been feeling like this for a long time?
There must be some things that give you joy?

maybe like 2 years...honestly even though i have achieved many things in my life and lil things sometimes make me feel glad and grateful but i don't really feel good...but i am trying just to make myself better...