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Starem (noun): A stable of adoring men, plus one woman.
Hongruilin Hongruilin 31-35, F 6 Responses Nov 28, 2012

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Fairest Queen, your most favored subject has seen to bequeath me with a sumptuous gift, a Dictionary/Thesaurus, well the parts that weren't used to line the pigeon cage. Dost thou have a Royal Translator as the peasant girls often seem confused by the use of phrases such as degenerate and incorrigible (although I make no admission to having heard those phrases directly).

human-cyborg relations officer.....................*hurries off with H's gift, muttering "this isn't going to be easy"*

*wanders into throne room, hair a mess of curls, rubbing eyes sleepily*

Did someone mention translations? And pigeons?

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*hands you a Starbucks, a brush, and a wet washrag*.... :>D

*attempts a smile but is still too sleepy, just nods, takes a sip of Starbucks, wipes face with rag and then looks at the brush in confusion* ... I did mention curls right? That thing is only gonna make frizz!! Lol

oops...damn it...what i get for reading between the lines bad *gives brush to DD*... :D.

*looks at brush in confusion* stables? peasant girls in the dungeon?

Rumout has it some of them alike hair brushes ... Just sayin'


If it pleases milady, I am in dire straights here. I believe my association with that rascal HB may have been a mistake.

How so? Lol

Ohh ... I am sooo staying outta that mess. You guys are on your own!!! I like my head firmly attached to my body.

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men with leather thongs on i assume

You should go read all the comments ... it tells more of the story.


Is that in response to the story or to everything that followed in the comments section? Lol

maybe all of the above?:)

Haha. It's been an "interesting" morning. Lol

Exhausted (adjective): Example - A lone woman, surrounded by adoring men.

Might one ask, to whom might this example be referring?

Touché. I should have anticipated that one.

Yes, you should have.

What type of sustenance would satiate my queens appetite and fortify her for dealing with all this adoration?

Jester Ambrose reporting for duty, her highness!!!

Color me disappointed. This was getting interesting.

Not to mention, I think you are forgetting who can put you back into your bottle! ;-)

I'm sure you won't have to wait long my queen, he seems quite apt to stumble with his words this morning.

My pleasure, Queenie Genie!!! Please send all of the peasant girls down there with me!

I would be delighted and honored to join you.

I think it's healthy for people to have lofty goals and ambitious aspirations.

Hmmm ... I think the natives are becoming restless.

I think we've outlasted him. As women often do men. Though you would know that best my queen - having need of a full starem of them.

Oops, lol, note to self: remove foot from mouth and think before typing next time.

Thank you my queen. *curtsies*

I think I'm going to rest now ... It's been a full morning, lol.

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Like that! A play on the word harem, from a female perspective! And so appropriate because we men sure are good at staring! ;-)

Am glad you enjoyed it! I hadn't even thought of the men staring perspective, but I'm so totally gonna pretend that I had clued into that all along..

Yes, her royal highness will have you thrown into her dungeon if you weren;t thinking of that! lol

Shhh! Don't tell her.

Ohhhh we are done! She doesn't miss a trick!!!


Good points! :-)

I humbly beg your pardon my queen, please forgive me?

Let her eat cake! ;-)

You need to crack the whip a little before just letting them off....

I'm sorry - was I staring again??? 8-)

Will I too be sent to the dungeon my fair queen? I could not help but gaze upon your beauty, finding it impossible to tear myself away for even a moment. Fearful that my heart would break from missing you.

Given the option my queen, I would prefer to sit quietly at you feet. Gazing upon your beauty as permitted.

With your permission my lady, I happen to have a particular fondness for a wordsmith among us.

Thank you my generous queen.

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A little explanation: A phrase coined in jest with a friend. A combination of harem and stable (which we decided was the male equivalent of a harem).

love love LOVED this!!! whew! took a long time to read all the comments though...but...having now a more excellent knowledge of the the Queens will say it was a worthy read indeed!

*giggles* ... so glad you enjoyed it. It has been a rather amusing diversion. :-)

*blows a kiss to her Queen*


*randomly pinches djtigers tushy*

Shhh!!! Don't give any of my secrets away!! *nictates in return*

lol, much better!

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