A Pain Or Two

Pain is what we have to learn to live with.
ladyryan ladyryan
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Pain can be a warning.

I can see that well from you, HS. XD

I have the "tough guy" mentality that you suffer through pain. I've lost friends who shared that thinking and did not have pain treated until the cancer had spread too far.

eww. . .okay, fair enough.^^

Not sure what you meant earlier. Sorry to comment at all. My apology.

aww I appreciate the thoughts and the advice. Is all. Thanks HS.^^

No, I should not have intruded. Again, I apologize. It will not happen again.

Aww HS. . .^^

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and learn from ;-).

definitely agree on that.^^

And pleasure, too, dear lady.

Aww Gorgeous.^^

Is the pain just in my head, or in my body too?

Just recently, it's in my body. And I need a good massage for the holiday. It would be a perfect gift for me self.^^

Ageing is not for sissies.

There used to be a place in Hammatsu that gave great massages, it's probbably long gone by now.

Hamamatsu? I know the place. But I found this good place, an hour drive from my work place. And with special holiday season (low) price. But bookings is already close. . .geez!! It's all jampacked for the holiday. boo hoo hoo =((

Then you should do it!

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Pain can always be a learning path...

Ahh. . . the learning path. Nice touch HTH.^^


some one said PAIN= Positive Action In Negative ....


The joy found along the way makes the pain bearable.... ♥

aha- The joy.^^

And when there's joy, the pain will be burned out.

Abu. . . I like that. =)) Thanks Lovelywings.^^

10 words say it all...well said ladyryan!!!

Aww. . .thanks again.