Pastor Is Stealing Good Some Times??

a pastor was preaching to a thief to stop steeling .rather work earn his own money.. the thief told the pastor oh okay sir . i will think about it .. so pastor decided to take the thief out for dinner on their way .the pastor was making a phone call while driving so a police man stop the car and wrote a statement that the pastor should came to police office the next day for breaking rules ..after the police have finish writing his statement he filed it in his book.. and immediately the police turn his back .. the thief quickly store the note from the police book .. so on their way the pastor told the thief oh my God .. tomorrow i will have to go to police office .to clear my self there .. ooohhh the thief told him pastor don't worry tomorrow don't go to the police station because the police have no file .. i stole it from him..while you were talking with him.. so again the thief ask the pastor .. stealing is good some times .
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LOL...Love it

That story is trouble. I like it. I was looking for a ten word story also.

give me a topic of any story u like i can create a story out of it for u

How about a story about finding me a great man. Can you create a story about that? I want to get married someday