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Giddy Up

I've stopped holding back the metaphorical reigns of my life.
Sungirl3 Sungirl3 46-50, F 15 Responses Dec 11, 2012

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Wild horses sometimes need to break free if we let them.



Whoa Nelly! Hold the Stagecoach! This Metaphor ain't going nowhere!

How about the similes?

You're The Bestestestestsestsestsests! you are!!! ; )

good for you. let yourself gallop a bit. i think id id been pulling mine any harder lately the horse would have back flipped

yeah, I know what that's like...mine almost did a couple of times...giddy up! ;)

Just letting go won't do, ensure they don't come back.

I hope you still have your riding crop so you can whip life's ***, oh and spurs. Have you got your spurs on?

Pssst....*sposed to be ten words ya know*....and yeah gotta have my spurs... :p

Galloping into the sunrise ... because the best is yet to come...

Racing into the unknown, excitement building, anticipating brand new horizons. :)

Time to cut loose...and ride the hell out of life. :))

No longer constrained by the chains that held me back. :)

I found the key to my cuffs. I've been paroled. :)

I've been dealt a get out of jail free card! ; )

Charging forward on my steed of desires into the horizon!

Galloping on, going fast, til I reach my desired destination.

Saddle up, move em out, hi ho sunny away. Yeehaa

yeah! ;)

Good for you. I wish i could let go of those shackles too and ask out the most beautiful woman in the world, but i can't. Hope it goes well for you. :)

Never say never Bgmnts.. :)

This is, indeed, an exciting time of your life! I'm so happy for your freedom to come.... :-)

Thank you Am...any kind of freedom...mental or physical, feels really good.. :)

Exactly Sun! No longer be shackled by the reigns of metaphor! ((H ugs))