Giddy Up

I've stopped holding back the metaphorical reigns of my life.
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11 Responses Dec 11, 2012


Whoa Nelly! Hold the Stagecoach! This Metaphor ain't going nowhere!

How about the similes?

You're The Bestestestestsestsestsests!

good for you. let yourself gallop a bit. i think id id been pulling mine any harder lately the horse would have back flipped

Just letting go won't do, ensure they don't come back.

Time to cut loose...and ride the hell out of life. :))

I found the key to my cuffs. I've been paroled. :)

Charging forward on my steed of desires into the horizon!

Saddle up, move em out, hi ho sunny away. Yeehaa

Good for you. I wish i could let go of those shackles too and ask out the most beautiful woman in the world, but i can't. Hope it goes well for you. :)

This is, indeed, an exciting time of your life! I'm so happy for your freedom to come.... :-)

Exactly Sun! No longer be shackled by the reigns of metaphor! ((H ugs))