Man Try To Fight For His Wife

two woman where quarreling woman A and woman B just near woman A's house . quickly woman A's husband came out from his house and insulted the woman B why you quarreling with his wife .. hey stupid woman who ask u came to my house and quarrel with my wife are a big fool go and tell your husband his mouth is as big like a farm tractor rim.... woman B was angry about the insult and rush home told her husband honey u have to go fight for us because i was quarreling with woman A and her husband quickly came out to support her .. her husband told me to tell u that your big mouth like a farm truck rim... so woman B husband also got angry and said honey get my boat for me ..let go i will beat woman A's husband up for insulting me .and u too beat woman A up.. so quickly the walk angry and arrive at Woman A's house . as soon woman B husband saw that woman A's husband have very big muscles and a gent .. so he buck off in his mind .. and told him ohh ohh sir my wife came home crying she told me that she was quarreling with your wife and u pass an insult that she should came and tell me her husband that my big mouth like a farm truck rim. so i decided to came ask which of the rim is it the front rim or the back rim .. so woman A's husband said both rim. he said okay sir .. bye and walk home with his wife on their way home he told her wife honey u never told me that woman A's husband is a huge man ..and muscular.
jm3432 jm3432
56-60, M
Dec 12, 2012