Pain And Pleasure

Our pleasures are written on water but our pains are on stone.
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Slap me the truth instead of sugar coating a lie

Wow hi you are something, go on read more of my stories you will get an idea of what I am trying to say

pleasures follow the water, stones get left behind

Yes. what is left then

Pleasures flowing like the water of the river, currents pulling us along our happy way. Pain like stones weighing down on us. We make our best efforts to break those stones into tiny pebbles to ease our burden.

A stone thrown in water goes all the way down.

There is a deep meaning in the saying,people like you are shallow to understand,hence the childish way.Every child knows that a stone drowns but understand in what context the quote was meant.I will explain to you later,just giving you a time to think,as you are a thinker.Vivekananda is not a thinker and so is his guru Ramakrisna,a rare devotee.A man who knows love,an enbodyment

of love.

What I meant was : Let the pains go down and stay there in their place while let the pleasures remain on top and move on and flow like a river. It was a good wish set in a rhyme. If it was a poor one because of the 10 words thing, sorry.

Thank you for enlightening me

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