Pulses racing.

Mussed hair.

Inhibitions purged.

Arched back.

Craving satisfied.
NobodySpecial NobodySpecial 41-45, M 2 Responses Dec 24, 2012

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Mussed hair is a sure sign of pleasure. Love this!

It's also a sign of a good nap.

In certain circumstances would also be defined as pleasurable!

The plate of fresh baked cookies gone in an instant!

What can I say? They were some really good cookies.

LOL! You can tell what Im thinking about this morning!

I'm thinking I should dress as Santa and get cookies.

Hehee, cute. :) Chocolate chip or oatmeal please!

Sorry, I ate them all. They were good though. Downright orgasmic.

I guess you like to "feast" alone!

Not typically, but if I have to satisfy the urge...

I understand :)

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