I catch you in a lie,
it is Over.
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7 Responses Jan 6, 2013

I love this way of thinking!! I feel the same way too.

There is not a single human being beyond infancy who can say they have never lied, unless they are lying.

so true but hopefully one learns the value of honesty and the result of lieing.

Oh yes hon, but lies can be so human and so close to us, that lots of times, people don't even notice they are lie-ing. Why should we not be just as susceptible to our own lies as to anyone else's? We even force ourselves to believe them: we call that denial.
Of course we know the value of honesty in varying degrees.
I am not saying it doesn't give those of us who want to be honest some pause, but we all can tell a fib. I try to not lie in a way that causes serious harm to others. At least I know the intention is there.

That will never happen between us. You can trust me :)

I know and you know you can trust me!

Your reply is only nine words, not so sure now.

If you lie once, you will probably do it again. That's not nice.

I agree. totally agree and it is the end for me.

O.k,before we go any further..if I said 9",I was exagerating.NOT lying so much,as...exagerating....a lot....I'm sorry...please.please forgive me. ;)

you are so funny. thanks for the smile.

Lying to you would break my heart in many pieces.

mending your heart together would be a heartbreaking task

You've helped mend my heart already, helped calm my soul. :)

Oh my God ,Just like me !! I love that you're determined.

thank you so much!