If kisses
were wishes,
I would cover you in mine.
akindheart akindheart
61-65, F
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Sei il mio pensiero preferito.

You are my favorite thought. It says in English.

what a beautiful message . thank you!

Your lips are like honey, they make my life sweet.

red like rubies, sweet like cherries, they pucker for kisses

Kiss me like there's no tomorrow. Kiss me like goodbye.

Covered in your hot kisses is a wish by itself.

my dreams are filled with wishes, kisses and only you

Sweet dreams they are, kisses, fingers touching, whispered desires fulfilled.

dreaming, moaning, breathing, sighing,reaching for you in my dreams

Wanting your kisses haunts my dreams...I awaken...pulse racing.

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Very nicely written.

If you were closer, I would give you much more..

If kisses were wishes I would give more than three.

I like that and I agree. who stops at only 3?

Amazing job of inspiring the imagination in only ten words.

thank you!

my friend lives far away...and so ditto....same thought.

oh i am so sorry but you made it in 10 words!