Getting Back His Own

Complaining about no hug? Could be tasting his own medicine?
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2 Responses Jan 14, 2013

Am i supposed to reply in 10 words as wel!? Omg! Impossible for me! EEK!

It could be progress....he cares now? Be careful to not let the opportunity for revenge "see how it feels yourself sucker!" attitude (that he well deserves)
...get in the way of forward movement in your marriage. We want him to realize and become aware of how his rejection has felt to you but you dont want him to feel so pushed away that there is no way back to you and gives up. They....our refusers are much weaker emotionally and mentally than we are! Praying for a breakthrough for you both!

Thanks for the prayers. He has his 4th therapy session this week. They sure seem to make him cranky. Don't know if it means anything.