My boyfriend's mother is barely older than me, she's mad.
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Hi Fiona, I'm dating a younger guy as well. The age difference is 12 years but I worry that his mom will take issue with it. I'm a little scared. He's 26 and im 38.My guy doesn't share a lot of personal things with his family and I know they he doesn't care about what anyone else thinks but I know how moms can be about their sons . I think she is 10-12 older than me . Any advice?

My advice is that you're dating him, not the mom, so let him be your guide with how to deal with mom.

As it turns out my guy now lives with me because mom would not accept him seeing me. It's been really great too. I feel bad that there is a huge riff with them currently but ultimately it was his choice to decide. We have a great relationship despite opinions about the years between us. Mom said he had to choose and well, he picked me....the girlfriend. Mom will come around some day but at least she knows now that she cannot continue to influence his life.
Age really shouldn't matter.

She will thank you later !