Life's Certainty

If death's inevitable,
why can't I get used to it?
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2 Responses Jan 21, 2013

<p>To me,because we are afraid of the unknown,because we cannot imagine not "being" anymore,but I believe in the immortality of the soul,and that our soul and energy live on after bodily death,I have had experiences which point in that direction.Take care.</p>

Yes,losing those you love through death is a terrible thing to contemplate,but when they pass away I believe they never leave us for as long as we need them,and that enclude loving pets too.Love is stronger than anything,it keeps us connected beyond the grave,and you will meet your loved ones again when it is your time to pass on.

Because if you did, it would be powerless before you.

Right, cerebral doesn't work when about to drown, then rescued.