Missing You

Wondering how you are. Hoping you're ok. I miss you.
livelaughlovedream3 livelaughlovedream3 41-45, F 2 Responses Jan 25, 2013

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Sitting here having coffee and thinking pleasant thoughts of you. :)

How nice. I'm having tea, thinking about you now too. :)

It's a lovely sentiment to be thinking of someone fondly.

Yes, completely. Friends are so very important to me, always.

It's quiet here. I'm in a writing mood, feeling creative.

That's great! I hope you put that creativity to use.

I shall! I promise to entertain you with some prose.

Wonderful! I look forward to being entertained. :) Have fun writing!

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Flood of memories filled with sorrow and regret. lost love.

Missing friends, those I love, but love isn't lost, thankfully.