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There are no keys to Hell. Doors open to all.
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Your free will will determine, Which door you will use.

Thank You for reading and commenting.
You would think it would be an easy decision, but obviously not.

The door to heaven is open to all, you just need to ask for the key.

Thank You so much for reading and your response was certainly the pinnacle of positive responses.
Considering the source; it is understandable.

Not heading that way. That's not the light I am looking for at the end of my tunnel:)

I am very pleased that it is not. It would have disappointed me if you would have felt otherwise.
Thank you for commenting.

The good news is, the door opens in and out... ;-)

Thanks for coming by. You wind is cooling it off down here.
Now you tell me the door opens in and out. Had no trouble getting in, but have not been able to find my way out.
Bet if I stuck with you I could. :)

Stick with me kid... the winds are soft and temperate where I am... let me know if I can help. A sincere offer!

Nicest offer I probably have EVER received.
From now on every time I feel the wind, I will start to dream of what might have been.......
Thanks for the Dream. :)

Here's what I know... your spirit is beautiful... whatever's going on... you deserve the very best :))))

Friends like you I am around the very best. :)

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take the down escalator,and it is on the left.

Leave it to you to get me laughing on a gloomy Friday. Thank You for bringing that ray of sunshine. You may have the directions, but I don't think you will ever be using them. Enjoy your balloon ride.