New Home

Poorly treated farm dog now has loving home with me.



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55 Responses Oct 8, 2008

tis all from you <BR><BR>i've learnt to be <BR><BR>a spiritual soul<BR><BR>and SO sexy!

So, border collie?

Tasmin , we are quite a pair!<br />
<br />
Kind and sweet and fun!<br />
<br />
I just love your savoir faire<br />
<br />
You shine like the sun!

Yes I glow with love for all <br />
<br />
taking my dog now to play with his ball <br />
<br />
yes juan he is a border collie <br />
<br />
the love of my life <br />
<br />
now aint that jolly

jollie and smart,<br />
<br />
to be the love of your life,<br />
<br />
he's glad to play the part

The love of my life<br />
<br />
Is not a dog!<br />
<br />
I'll say no more....<br />
<br />
Neither is he a frog.

Hmmmm ....

Yea, Tasmin! Heart of gold.

Yay! <br />
<br />
He's happy and I'm happy!!

Awwwwwwwwwwwww! a happy ending and tail that wags!


Thank you

He is very happy but very old :(

Thank you but my gorgeous darling dog was put to sleep in May after one stroke too many.<br />
<br />
BUT I have another gorgeous old collie :)<br />
<br />
(not quite as gorgeous as my very special dog though)

he looks happy, i got a chow in the same situation.

*clapping my hand* bravo!

Thank you :)

Haha this made me happy :)

Happy Happy Days!

I think I rated this up twice, very very nice!

thank you :)

Yay!!! :-)

God luv ya!!!!!
can u tell me a little more about this dogs sure many pple would love to read about it


Yipee, he looks so good.

i missed the date on this also and have no clue why it would be in my circle activity today but glad you provided a loving home