New Home

Poorly treated farm dog now has loving home with me.



Orangetas Orangetas 51-55, F 59 Responses Oct 8, 2008

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Tasmin, darling, I'l speak my mind...

Have a sip of tea.

Try to be more sweet and kind

you know...more like me!

tis all from you

i've learnt to be

a spiritual soul

and SO sexy!

So, border collie?

Tasmin , we are quite a pair!

Kind and sweet and fun!

I just love your savoir faire

You shine like the sun!

Yes I glow with love for all

taking my dog now to play with his ball

yes juan he is a border collie

the love of my life

now aint that jolly

jollie and smart,

to be the love of your life,

he's glad to play the part

The love of my life

Is not a dog!

I'll say no more....

Neither is he a frog.

Hmmmm ....

Yea, Tasmin! Heart of gold.


He's happy and I'm happy!!

Awwwwwwwwwwwww! a happy ending and tail that wags!


Thank you

He is very happy but very old :(

Good for both of you!!! :D I love happy endings!!

Thank you but my gorgeous darling dog was put to sleep in May after one stroke too many.

BUT I have another gorgeous old collie :)

(not quite as gorgeous as my very special dog though)

So sorry. At least he was happy in his last days... and loved. And that's still a happy ending of sorts in itself, despite the strokes :(

he looks happy, i got a chow in the same situation.

*clapping my hand* bravo!

Thank you :)

Haha this made me happy :)

Happy Happy Days!

I think I rated this up twice, very very nice!

thank you :)

Yay!!! :-)

God luv ya!!!!!
can u tell me a little more about this dogs sure many pple would love to read about it



Yipee, he looks so good.

Enjoy your new home pup!! :)

Most excellent ! and good picture.