The Build Up

Should I ask her .... cant breathe ..... hands shaking ..... what will she say ......... 

salar1 salar1
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The things you have to do ........... just to go fishing = )

hahahahaha.... this reminds me of that brad paisley song, "im going to miss her" LOL

thank you nudeinva new you could be counted on ....<br />
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The elevator keeps rising onwards to heaven, great for you!

Yes ........ She said yes , <br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
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I can go fishing next weekend ..<br />
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; o)

She said "boy, a dream is reality for your heart"

Nudey , expectation soars my heart higher than any elevator could ......

Hey you are great nudeinva.. you know very well how to motivate a person :) <br />
You should listen him salar! dont waste your chance today :)

It is you that gambles on yourself, so choose wisely!

If not the fall will be less than if you wait.

Should she answer positive, the elevator keeps rising on up.

You will have risen another mile sky high, even higher!

If the height seems daunting now, wait until next week!

For failure to ask raises the elevator; the fall greater.

For your life to be real, you must ask her!.

You are living a lie in which your dream approaches.

Snowbunny Valentines given and never returned what now of odds ........

yea snowbunny is right, you have an advantage today. use it.. you know today is special and love is in air :) miracles can come true :) hugs*

salar---you gotta do it! It's Valentines day..use the odds!

yep... friendship is important and im glad you are one of my friend :)

: O ) Sleepy I am Fine with friends like these .......

Hey Salar! be positive! universe can hear you :)

Cheers Mewold ........<br />
Snowbunny , Sleepless , Dreams can become reality .....<br />
Or my reality becomes a nightmare ........

yep snowbunny.. dream it and try it then universe will provide :)

mewold- sorry I'm kinda chatty! :)<br />
<br />
Salar1- I agree with sleepless...your dreams could become reality.

you can share the beauties with her insteed of dreaming... think about that :)

If by not knowing then I can still dream ........

you would try at least even you crush weight of rejection... but if you dont ask her, you will never know what she answer you and you will always have a regret and big question mark in your head that what if i ask her :) be brave :) hugs*

I guess we can't ask anything in only ten words.

Is the fear worth not knowing?

But I fear the crushing weight of rejection ........ should ask her....or you will never know what she will say.