I see your eyes.... in my own you? 



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Joy will be ours when we find our new love<br />
<br />
if its true than our love will last a lifetime.

MTBunnyLuv- you's cuts to your bone.

Thin air, deeper pain. Love can cut to the bone.

So once we recover from this loss, sooner or later,<br />
<br />
Let us once again find sustaining love here on earth!

For without it, air is very thin and pain deeper.

When love leaves us, there is void that needs filling!

My time for love was over, until I found you.<br />
<br />
I want another lifetime, to share my love with you.

Love, so wonderful, so therapeutic, so inspiring, so joyous, love!

And not a moment too soon Without a minute to spare You touched my heart When I didn't have a prayer In my darkest hour With my world filled with gloom Your sweet love saved me Not a moment too soon

when two hearts speak, there is no need for words.<br />
<br />
when two souls touch, there is no distance, no time<br />
<br />
I hope you have a very happy valentine's day Snow.

Thank you snowbunny, I am inspired in love by you!

my ears hear your whisper, my eyes are your eyes ....<br />
<br />
it is upon love's foundation, that we build strong friendships

Awe Floydian I did accept your offer...what woman in their right mind would turn down the opportunity to be your Valentine....this is for ALL my about that? LOL

Aweee which one, I though you had accepted my offer! ;)

No it is not for<br />
<br />
It's for my Valentine ;)

Awww thats beautiful, but its not for inva right? ;P

For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul.

nude- you are the best, I love ya!

That is the condition that must exist in unconditional love.

If both do not love, nothing exists to build upon!

Snowbunny Love should have no conditions ...both as one always ......

Yes, for love from the other makes the other joyous!


Love is the condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.

If he is beside you, you are in his heart?

aww floydian...I hope so ;)

I am sure he does! =)