Mr. Toaster Says "You're Welcome"

She was unfailingly kind, thanking all inanimate objects she met.

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I hope she had a chemical fire extinguisher as well!

She rushed to his side....lovingly applying a soldering gun....

Heard he incinerated himself burning the poems, hydraulic fluid leakage!

He wrote her love poems, then burned them to ashes.

Their gossip lit up the sky; burned the telephone wires

She wrote a tell-all book about their electric relationship.

He went on Oprah with their kiss-and-tell saga.

She did not have to suffer a fatal short circuit.

Then they could not afford his they divorced.

They met, then love, then baby, then forever, is all.

The loving heart leads us to strange place at time.

The next week, she fell in love with a robot.

She had not met the love of her life yet.