He took the road with reckless hunger, first time jitters.

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20 Responses Feb 16, 2009

An unfullfilled dream, sought after like a fluid gentle breeze.

your smile makes my heart beat a little more rapidly

Elluding illusions dreamt by this old soul passed the time

i came i saw i went to bed alone again

There is always something new to try, improve, or experience.

The road taken by different artist vary greatly over time.

Cosmic thoughts and ideas travel with unheard noise in space!

Sometimes externally, or sometimes self generated within your own head.

Silence does not exist, something is always playing within earshot!

Smooth flow in concert and in contrast with individual highlights.

ah, jazz, a distinct sound which I never fully appreaciated.

Ah...I didn't, but wish that I would have Nude!

I had the fortune of catching in NYC jazz clubs!

Great tune! I love the fluid works by Stan Getz.

I hope that it was driving a really great tune!

No speed limit as long as you don't hit others.

Flourlady, you are so eager and spry, making us smile!

yes, i love you, i love you i love you!

Us old timers know it all, just can't use it.

Newbies, think they know it all, until they go alone!