Ten Liners

And chewing gum stuck to the face of the pavement


Darkness held me captive for the sunshine of my life.


Colours wounded a simple situation deeming me unworthy to save.


My Tears cannot replace fragments of woe in my life.


Life goes on, sorrow swallows us whole yet laughter overrules  


Baby happiness needs milk of human kindness as do we.



followthewhiterabbit followthewhiterabbit
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6 Responses Feb 18, 2009

gosh thats a weird one nudeinva...it's interesting though O_o

Using laughter and milk, escape; are only prisoner by consent!

nah, my sister, my dad and my aunt and uncle are authors..i don't want to be boring and follow in their footsteps xD i'd rather make my own tracks :) plus half the time i write crap :D

have you considered becoming a writer? or you already are one?

heheee i'll give you that my friend thats for sure

Ah yes, finally i have found something thats ten words .