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Once upon a time, there was a very lonely redhead.

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25 Responses Feb 23, 2009

Apelover46, you are so clever and cute, a fine woman!

She'll only ask that you limit your serenade to ten.

well that leaves me out, she would shout, shut up. <br />
<br />
than probably throw me out, if I tried a serenade.

Yes, do tell...what would make said redhead happy and not so lonely ?

She is looking for the right man to serenade her!

So what than would make a very lonely readhead glad?

Massage has never been my thing though. That's too bad.

I'll leave the particulars up to you two to decide!

Yes...and he knows I have a thing for cowboys!

Massaging a San Diego lass is hard from your location!

Work today, blah blah blah. Time to relax and unwind.

The rest us will continue our silly antics right here!

Where have you been, I wanted to hear more from you!

I am going to put my feet up and watch.

Don't be confused, Levin does not make any logical sense.

Ok now I'm confused. Drunk Intriveniously but doesn't know how?

Do you call it drinking when it comes in my arm through a tube? I'm confused again (and probably drunk) Oh well

Pixelita, how could you possibly know if Levin is drinking?

Pixelita, Levin is being himself and really funny as always!

Is Levinkitty drinking?? ;-)

Nude, me - I will take your post into consideration. Oh - got to go - my chip is starting to vibrate something awful. Later.

The readhead way crying when a space alien came by.<br />
<br />
He wouldn't do ten words and he was not shy.

No worry Levin, that was very good rhyming for today!

Ten words?<br />
Really queer.<br />
Write eleven.<br />
Drink a beer.<br />
Ten words?<br />
Really sucks.<br />
Write twelve.<br />
Yes' you must<br />
Ten words<br />
Very plain<br />
Write thirteen<br />
It's not vain<br />
Ten words<br />
Are very lame<br />
Write fourteen<br />
Stop the pain<br />
Hey - I can't rhyme any more - give me a break - my belt size exceeds my IQ by ten points. So there.

The mystery is how did the redhead become not lonely!