I Want

To kiss your fears, melt your pains in my lips...

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15 Responses Mar 1, 2009

No fears can survive the tender kiss of your lips.

Love's magic chases away our fears and eases our pain

make them disappear and surround u with magic of love.

beautiful story. Smiles

I pledge allegiance to the one who taught me life

This is a great thought. Especially in just ten words.

Life is only a spec on eternity but determines eternity.

Great story TP... Hugs*

Whether you succeed or fail what really will it matter

your story made me say "awww" out loud. <br />
too sweet.

It is true love between man and woman with this.

to the end of the world and back only takes a lifetime.

You could, couldn't you? Oh that is only four words ... :)

You seem very magical sister....we could both help him ...<br />

If she doesn't I will...you'll forget all the hurt...