Let us all pitch in before the Earth goes Poof.

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I'm pitching, I'm pitching!!

Thank you LunarFireFly for all you pitch..........


RCA : I think global warming is directly proportional to population - We control population- we control natural resources and we control our planet. Though impractical to accomplish but thats what I beleive is happening.<br />
<br />
With initiatives across the world will slow down may be..however the root cause..

Population has been out of control for decades
We rape our natural resources
and our planet is out of control

We are finding that though we have been trying for many years to control everything we have no ability to control anything

Initiatives don't work because of the greed that is humanity
Even talking about alternatives don't work because of opposing interests.
The only way we will get it back under control is to surrender to nature and hope it heals itself

I totally agree with you, even at home doing little things like turning off the lights when not needed or not turning off the TV when no one is watching having the chargers plugged in with nothing attached to be charged. All these little things affect our earth, if you can't get your own family to control these little things that may help how can you get the entire population to do anything. The greedy say there is no climate change- so what can one do - Nothing but wait for nature to take over.

Actually my friend we have the technology to drastically reduce our impact which would decrease the problem significantly.
the problem is people see two sides and think they have to choose A or B
If we get to a 25 % reduction that is better than nothing.
Realistically if governments chose a middle path using oil but promoting and bringing alternative green renewable energy sources we could achieve much more than 25%

Very true WarriorLove................... Hard to understand the concept of destroying the world for a hand full of greedy corporations.................... There are many more of us than them............ they need to heed the warnings

We've been burning all this coal and oil for only about a century. We do NOT need to! (The energy companies work very hard at discouraging this kind of thought.)

Thank you Candyapple........... it's good to see a comment on this post after a long lull in the interest


Very true toirneach.............. Look at BP and their environmentally friendly ads they run then look at their actions<br />
There is a real disconnect between their words and their actions.<br />
<br />
I believe that is called outright lies

Well said Mary........... it seems you speak nothing but truth

Greenland ice melt largest measured since they began measuring it

redbear I agree with most of what you are trying to say but I use canvas bags to shop.<br />
I bought 10 of then to ensure I had enough to carry all my groceries.<br />
<br />
BodhiSvaha, Very true we need to address the cause as well as the solutions.<br />
I make environmental statements to address the solutions because they have a better chance of getting quicker response. In the long term we have to train generations on how to view the problem

If people weren't so polluted in the mind<br />
the earth wouldn't be so polluted<br />
the negative state of the world is a direct reflection of the negative state that is within most human beings

I would help with mass send to circle and remmber to Reuse ,Recycle and try and buy recycle good as well even little things help ask for hang when buy clothing,paper bags, compost and may more just stop and take the time to thing before you react and rember that there only one plant that we can liveon so far.<br />
<br />
Recycle Reuse

Thank you justineabanes !<br />

this story isbuatyful

Alls fair in love and words<br />

Ten words only? What If i do this: h e l l o m y n a m e i s l i a m s m i l e y f a c e : ) <Only letters...

Sad Daisy.............not sure how it relates to the topic but everything is acceptable<br />

Emmie lost her best friend the day her brother died.

Elf bows deeply to agoraphobe.....<br />
Thank you for your comment.......smiles

Very nice!

To pray that something will happen is fine but to take action and to speak out loud, strong and often is more likely to get results .<br />
Most these days seem not to understand the signs that something is happening.<br />
The signs that nature is tired of the abuses go unnoticed by many.<br />
God helps those who help themselves.<br />
To stand strong on an issue identifies you as a go to person who understands the issues for when those who now doubt begin to the realization that they were wrong all this time.

all we can do is pray that many more wake up

Best way to insure failure is to give up and do nothing

think it is way to late the balance is way yo off

Nice.... Thanks for the comment ez

Thank you for your comment Jacelove.<br />
Every little bit helps to curb the effects of pollution and environmental degradation.<br />
Just our small steps buy us a little more time to allow the governments of the world to stop infighting and to adopt changes that could help our planet to heal

Elfinsong,<br />
I completely agree with you . Everyone can do something. People should think of ways to help instead of saying that they can't do anything . They should remember prevention is always better than cure. We still have time , so why not use it properly. I pick up litter whenever I can & dispose it in the dustbin, I also encourage people to plant trees. i think if we try we can succeed. Let's save the earth & make it a better place to live!! Keep encouraging people!! with best wishes,

Thank you my dear dear friend Flour

I think that is a most splendid idea my friend.

twobrothers,<br />
That is the kind of self defeatist attitude that got us to this point.<br />
Everyone can some small thing to help

I care for the beasts,the birds,the sky,and anything else or anyone bot as small and meak as i am i = up to nothing so technically i can't change anything unless community differs....haha

Walking,<br />
I hope jesus told you to help to save his Father's creation.

i was lost, but jesus found me, i'm born again.

Bravo Halokai !!!<br />
When I walk the beach and pick up trash and cigerette butts and walk to the nearest trash receptical.... sometimes that walk is 3 feet............. Some people are irresponsible pigs.

Walking, I pick up others' trash, disposing of it properly.

Thanks for the encouragement Canto... can use all I get

Just keep at it. The word is spreading.

Easier said than done , been trying since first Earth Day

Oh I think we do have time. I am an optimist in this matter. We just need to get everone involved as soon as possible.

CantoEbili<br />
Thanl you but there is so much more.<br />
See all the postings I have done on the environment and look at reuse recycle there are so many small things that are adding up by so many........ maybe we still have time

Platonus:<br />
<br />
It is not just a scare. It is actually happening, slowly, but surely. We need to take action. Every little thing helps. You start with making small changes in your immediate life. Eventually it will add up. It doesn't take much, for example: shut the faucet off while brushing your teeth. Water is expensive and scarce. Drinkable water is only 1% of all the water in our planet. That's it. That is all we have.

Naysayers from the conservative side need to "self" inflict extinction

Other species precede us to extinction because of our actions

Scientist who orchestrated this scare, resigned after embarrassing emails scandal.

Elfinsong:<br />
<br />
Earth will not go "poof"; humans, on the other hand...

We do need to clean up aour act. It is not too late. But I think the whole approach to campaigning for it is all wrong. It is not the Earth that needs saving. It will certainly go on for millions of years after we are gone. The underlying message is save the human race (if it is really worth saving).<br />
<br />
We are part of nature, not something else. We are made up of the same stuff as everything else on the planet, as everything else in the universe for that matter. The things we build come from the Earth. There is no other source. And yet, for some reason, we have caused an imbalance. Is it really so? Do we have the power to really destroy something that is way bigger than we are? Earth will balance itself out. The thing is that we will not like it.<br />
<br />
Sorry to have exceeded the word limit but I just had to.

Deflected by a single piercing thought..........smiles.... and you tried

Kazam, a ball straight at elf's face!

As do I, however the mind can't remove the damage

perhaps...<br />
<br />
but this one is a firm believer in the power of the mind...

As long as positive action follows the positive thought process

Positive Thought becomes our best tool to save mother earth.

Yes... poof is not a good thing for any being

Poof would be tragic for Mother Earth and her inhabitants.

Thanks for the link JoJo and for joining the team

Thank you tasmin I'm just trying to do my part

Reduce, Recycle, Reuse. And spread the word. There are hundreds of things you can do. <br />
www.dnr.mo.gov/env/swmp/pubs-reports/threers.htm<br />
<br />
Compost, reduce what you send to the landfill. Don't use plastics, conserve energy..........this list goes on and on

You are doing fine ... message coming over loud and clear

xiaomei I would like to have mass send to circle

Tylorian the earth should be sacred capitalism doesn't think so

Thank you ravenlee for your comment, change to save Earth

To invite all your circle a mass greeting card sending

Native Indians had it right, they revered and nurtured land. They had a deep respect and called the earth sacred.

Best way to improve the world is to improve yourself.

Extinction for species is an irreversable thing don't you think?

The earth endures, even beyond the reign of mortal men.

Oh .. . thank you.<br />
<br />
We are now listening .. write ya story!!

tasmin you are a wonderful lady who has my heart

You tell them in your story, you have more passion

Tell that to those that ignore to their own peril

Maybe rewrite in big type and add pictures .. important topic!

Easy things YOU can do to help save our planet

I did, but not enough comments to matter so deleted

Subatomic levels...understand...disassemble all of creation major interference seen

I think you should write proper story with your ideas

and they never disappear they only break down smaller still

Always think of ways to combine trips to stores and such

They showed me they not as strong and tear easily

Each new car bought should get better milage than last

Xenon lights are cool too for saving on carbon emissions

The stores not being honest nor are the plastics companies

Change your light bulbs to LEDs or CFLs saves energy

The store tell me these are all biodegradable .. or something

Doesn't help unless you use the canvas bags you buy

Push the stores to sell canvas shopping bags, delete plastics

Not good for anything, not biodegradable must stop, use paper

Plastics break down to ever smaller pieces to subatomic level

Plastic bag city here .. good for picking up dog poo

Bees don't attack unless provoked or stepped upon ,watch steps

Plastics in packaging is the worst of the worst, understand?