Cant Described With Few Words..

Love can be wonderful,painful,strong...and cant be described

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thats very true well said.

Love is life! Smiles

I have some serious editing to do to get this to ten words LOL ... but I am leaving this here for now! <br />
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Love is a noun and a verb - to love each other every day should be our goal in life, love is a not just a lifetime of experiences, it can be all our hopes for the future wrapped up in one word. <BR><BR>Love is something we each have that we should give away ... and by our actions make others know that we love them. <BR><BR>To love is my mission in life .... to be able to look back and say I have shared my love with others is my goal.<BR><BR>We need to learn to love ourselves, enough that we can give our love away. Love is something we should never expect or feel we deserve from others, it is always something that should surprise and delight us when it is received.

well said but i like good side of love


angels are a true gift of love we all need one to save us from are selves.

Love can be one way too and hurt so much.

Love drives Humanity to madness and brilliance. A wondrous emotion.

love is something u feel,is so so great indeed.*

hi loanna. is this still 10 words story? <br />
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~~~ Love is the positive energy you can give to others ~~~ Hugs*

One day I was bored, then I was not bored. <br />
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get in!!! epic story!!!

Spoken like someone in love...peace...SS