Alligator is a dangerous species but you are just lovely.

Floydian Floydian
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Hmmm, I in my entire life have known only one thing that is so good, and ironically only women possess them! LMAO!

Without giving you this whole history of a TV ad campaign, let's just say we are saying that something that is so soft and nice to squeeze is wonderful and hard to keep our hands off!

What is charmen?

Squeezable soft / like Charmen..hmm...

Haha lmao! What do you mean by squeezable?

How totally hot and cute! -- and 18 y/o elf.... just so... ummmmm.... squeezable, you know?

Aww you like tinkerbell?<br />
<br />
Thank you miss berry! :)

~ sprinkles pixie dust all around EP ~<br />
<br />
I like the way you think ElF

Yes >> Let us not grow up :)

If you ask me, I'M STILL A CHILD too<br />
<br />
~ so confused ~<br />
<br />
Elfloydiano - any words of wisdom?

Awww you are too cute :-)<br><br />
<br><br />
I was also like totally kidding. If you ask me I am still a child :)<br />
Hehe yeah, mizz created it :)

Oh dear me hun, come to me in THIRTY YEARS and tell me how much you knew when you were 18... <BR><BR>No really, in all serioussness, I was like TOTALLY KIDDING.<BR><BR>You're cool ElFloydiano - oh my I see a new name here... <BR><BR>xxxxx

Oh yeah? I am a 18 year old now, its universal adult franchise, if you dont know miss berry. :P

The young ones have the easiest access apparently. Just look at Floydian. HA

Yeah boody nutters! LOL

No. Just a shame to go through all the trouble of making an adult profile and not get to see anything.

Awww you worried about them too?

poor little ones

Aw dont worry. The little ones wont get a chance. ;)

Oh My.. Be sure to flag it as INAPPROPRIATE so all the little ones with fake adult profiles can flock to it for a look see.<br />
<br />

Ah yes, that never struck me.<br />
<br />
And shine may be around too.

Do you think you should?? We might get booted off if you post something that hot and steamy!

haha wait for a while, I'll put them up for you.

Oooh.. a lady with a bite..<BR><BR>~ grrr ~<BR><BR>Nice ten word story Floydian... <BR><BR>boy would I like to be a fly on the wall of the naughty pm's between you two ::grinning::

Ok then we can call it a pee break! ;)

I really had to pee!!

Awww now take that damn potty break and be back already! lol

:-D<br />
<br />
A smile so big that all my alligator teeth are showing!!