Eleanor and Franklin at the Public Library

Chapter 1

Eleanor Roosevelt entered the library. Her hair swayed; she sauntered.

Chapter 2

She walked past the librarians and the many other patrons.

Chapter 3

Franklin was sitting at a table. He glanced upward, stalwartly.

Chapter 4

FDR was reading a newspaper -- an article about stamp collecting.

Chapter 5

Eleanor looked at Franklin and walked on, approaching he computers.

Chapter 6

Eleanor wanted to Google "Economic Planning" "Government Control" "Anti Trust."

Chapter 7

Eleanor thought central economic planning was the key to recovery.

Chapter 8

The recession rolled on: unemployment, misery, hunger, lost skills -- hopelessness.

Chapter 9

Franklin was convinced he could turn the economy around and -- and

Chapter 10

Eleanor wanted to make a contribution. She had high hopes.

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70+, M
Sep 2, 2014