The distance can separate two bodies, but not two hearts...



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9 Responses Mar 17, 2009

Distance does not exist as you live in my Heart.

TenderEyes,<br />
In a story (song, letter or novel) I hope the reader/listener will want more after hearing the first lines. Maybe think about it a bit after it's done. <br />
The nine word story, above, was intended to be complete, but (I hope) let the reader ask, "I wonder why?" If so, it did the job.<br />
Besides, I'm a bit dramatic in general.

They came to this place and destroyed their dreams.<br />
<br />
(only nine words, but all I anted to say)

I just discovered this story--you are a remarkable poet!

Sunrise symbols new hopes , new dreams , new chance for love.

left ventricle right ventricle almost as if time stopped now

Loving thoughts travel, they are felt in a single heartbeat

one heart, one mind, one passion belonging to two souls

We hold each other close and hear words of love