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EP has shrunk the profile page, it is a disaster!

nudeinva nudeinva
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Sorry, I cannot. It is too confining, too busy, too crammed, too disorganized from a visual perspective. There is no room to roam and to do anything you now have to scroll endlessly. No, I can tolerate it for a few minutes and then i want to scream. Not for me sweetheart, not for me!

Damn sounds like it sucks for you sweets... I know they have changed it I can tell... but i'm fine this way... hope you can figure something out... <br />
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Nudeinva Try Try... I know if You Try you Can!!! HEHE

NO, I just reduced it down to 1280 by 1024 and now I do not have as much white space, but I still have a crammed page that has everything on top of it. So now I have bigger font that is fuzzy and pictures which are now fuzzy and it still looks like crap. It does not fix anything to adjust my monitor settings. It all has to do with their fixed width page!

Mines 19 inch ....maybe you need to play with your monitor settings....I can help you...

Pixelita, it has nothing to do with settings. They have standardized on a 1024 pixel page and on my monitor, a 24" monitor, it looks like a runner on a huge dining room table. I do not know what size monitor you have, but I am sure that if you have a 15" monitor it fills the page pretty much.<br />
So now I have a tiny ***** down the middle of the page where everything is pile on top of everything else. Not attractive not welcomed and not accepted.<br />
SO instead of having to deal with thei very cammed page, I am choosing not do do much here anymore. I get teh e-mail alerts and I look at them from time to time, but I have decided that it bugs me too much to stare at a screen that is crammed full and what I could see before I cannot any more. Because it use to spread across my monitor and I could see a lot activity down the page. now I can only see half of what I saw down the page as before, so that means I have to scroll up and down all the time. Not what I want to do or desire to do or willing to do. I have talked with the team here, as they are very nice and responsive and the problem is not technical, it is a difference of what is acceptable and what is not. This is not acceptable to me and it is their direction, so I will just withdraw since I have no capability to change this direction.<br />
Anyway beautiful, I will send you a PM so we can stay in touch outside of her if you wish!

It looks very similar to me...maybe it's your settings?

I was going to say something nice, but why lie?<br />
<br />
(just kidding)

Today is Saturday,Hopefully, the rain will finally pour down!