I think that somehow, sometime, water always finds its level.

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To all my friends and visitors.<br />
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Very nice! Well done!

See, Big Sis, God made only one of you!<br />
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I absolutely love this story. We are so very clever!

Very profound thought. <br />
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The topic of karma/fate vs. coincidence has always attracted my attention. I'm thinking about a story related to it. Hope we'll talk some more about it once I post it here

If the candle is lit the meal was cooked long ago

A great one, didn't notice you're playing 10 word story

I agree with bcj, water finds its own level .. eventually

It's from an ancient Mariner,Who stoppeth one of three.

ladies. Such brilliance is present. How could I possibly compete.

"Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater", she continued.

Still water runs deep.That's what my mother told me.

I love to use my brain for things like these.

Oh my gosh. What to do with such naked honesty.

Of course I do, I just needed ten words sentences!

Lady angel D. You know that i am just kidding.

How odd--I was just trying to agree with you!

behind every successful man is a woman - saying he's wrong!

A stone will stay where you put it; water flows.

Hello dear lady. It feels like I have another wife!

Water seeks its own level; that's what I was told.