I just wanted to write this 10 word story and let you know guys, that I'm not really good with math!

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12 Responses Nov 16, 2009

I are good at addifications! I's edumacated!<br />
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Lol. Cute joke.

And what is butterflying math trick, can I learn as well?

I would like to enter your master class but unfortunately I have no enough money ..lol.

Math's not that important in life, just don't let them rob you in the stores.

no problem?<br />
Iam sure that u r good in something else

LOL! I guess you need help, and practice, good luck

thanks , and you are very good teacher too .. I'm sure you are going to graduate many of smart people by this method and I will be in the top of your smartest student ever .lol.

ok , I say 3 + 2 = is 0 and 0 + 0 = 5 WHICH could be 3 - 2 = is 5 as well ... so 5 always the right , it is hard but true hahaha did you understand any of that ..lol.

I got your lesson , so , that's ok if you are gonna teach me math but I want to be with you in a class not in EP ;p

and I don't like to study math .. when I was at school I did study hard just to pass the test ..lol.<br />
my teacher was thinking that I like his class , he didn't know that I did my best just to not see his face and his class again .lol.

hahaha .. they seem 10 words to me , I'm not good at math as well .lool

Keep trying, now hold out your hands, how many fingers? One finger, one word, OK.