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Frustrated And Disgusted

Help! Perverts keep trying to add me to their circle.

infiniteheart infiniteheart 31-35, F 53 Responses Dec 31, 2009

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I'm a terrible annoying perv,
Can I get added please?

Sadly, it's the price of admission at EP. Ignore the weirdos you aren't interested in. Embrace the ones you are! :-)

Maybe if you change your profile picture it might help? a woman lying on a bed in a skimpy black dress probably attracts a bit of attention.

Are you intending this as a ten-word story or just making a comment? Because if it's a ten-word story it's hilarious!!

Men are pathetic and I am one... Excuse
Me while I go stand in the corner and ponder what my gender has done. Also I know now if I want EP friends...(which I have none) Then I guess I should pose as a female? =P

How do you know they'r pervies?

why you no except me in circle?

Please add the perverts to your circle<br />
<br />

u love it

Oooooh I love U girl!!! Tell it like it is! I'm from the SOUTH 2, N.C. to let ya'll know! Love what ya had 2 say! Bitchy or not, I LOVED the rant! Ha, ha, ha! Don'y f#*k with the South!

I feel your pain.

For every hot woman there is a man tired of putting up with her sh!$

Intelligent ? Really ? Try Benjamin Franklin.<br />
He was brilliant and Perverted.

he he, i wonder what would have happened to those who crossed your path when you were in your canine mood that day :)

Oh my, we got us a smart one. Which is so refreshing. Thanks!

OMG, LOL..............ha,ha,ha,ha, just 2 funny! : ) I'm talkin' about Lorain's statement that is!

I know what you mean, it happens to me too!!!! : (

I'm ready to eat my Baked sausage and egg Ravioli.

You go girl.....That totally rocked!

I feel you.

Help! No perverts have tried to add me to their circle.

He read the story, thought about it, and went elsewhere

We Wizards of *********** find tonguing you an imperative pleasure!

There's a thin difference between decency and perversion - pretension.

Wanna join my circle? (You asked for it. Tee hee.)

there is a lot of them out there and alot of wonderful people good luck

I thought that was the most hilarious thing that I read all day, until I realized that you weren't being ironic. Somehow even though I know what you mean, I still think it;s hilarious because I have a vision of construction workers on their coffe break saying "hey baby be my friend" instead of just "hey baby" or work it. *smile* I'm sorry I'm not mocking you, just cracking up a little bit. Maybe it's because I fear the day when perverted men give up their seat on the subway for me because I'm too old to stand for ten blocks.

*Shakes head*<br />
It is sad that you had to even write this story. Now, my imagination is stuck on a new EP gang --- "The PDG's" (Pervey Diaper Gang!) running around EP land, accosting women with an attractive Avatar... things that make one go, "hmmmmm". <br />
*Pictures a gang tatoo...*<br />
<br />
*Shakes head once more and walks away...*

Ever since myspace's collapse, the creepers had to go somewhere. Its all about adapt and thrive! haha

I was married to a diaper loving man once. How do men come up with these creep obsessions?!