Frustrated And Disgusted

Help! Perverts keep trying to add me to their circle.

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Sadly, it's the price of admission at EP. Ignore the weirdos you aren't interested in. Embrace the ones you are! :-)

Maybe if you change your profile picture it might help? a woman lying on a bed in a skimpy black dress probably attracts a bit of attention.

Are you intending this as a ten-word story or just making a comment? Because if it's a ten-word story it's hilarious!!

Men are pathetic and I am one... Excuse
Me while I go stand in the corner and ponder what my gender has done. Also I know now if I want EP friends...(which I have none) Then I guess I should pose as a female? =P

How do you know they'r pervies?

why you no except me in circle?

Please add the perverts to your circle<br />
<br />

u love it

I feel your pain.

For every hot woman there is a man tired of putting up with her sh!$

Intelligent ? Really ? Try Benjamin Franklin.<br />
He was brilliant and Perverted.

he he, i wonder what would have happened to those who crossed your path when you were in your canine mood that day :)

Oh my, we got us a smart one. Which is so refreshing. Thanks!

I'm ready to eat my Baked sausage and egg Ravioli.

You go girl.....That totally rocked!

I feel you.

Help! No perverts have tried to add me to their circle.

He read the story, thought about it, and went elsewhere

We Wizards of *********** find tonguing you an imperative pleasure!

There's a thin difference between decency and perversion - pretension.

Wanna join my circle? (You asked for it. Tee hee.)

there is a lot of them out there and alot of wonderful people good luck

I thought that was the most hilarious thing that I read all day, until I realized that you weren't being ironic. Somehow even though I know what you mean, I still think it;s hilarious because I have a vision of construction workers on their coffe break saying "hey baby be my friend" instead of just "hey baby" or work it. *smile* I'm sorry I'm not mocking you, just cracking up a little bit. Maybe it's because I fear the day when perverted men give up their seat on the subway for me because I'm too old to stand for ten blocks.

*Shakes head*<br />
It is sad that you had to even write this story. Now, my imagination is stuck on a new EP gang --- "The PDG's" (Pervey Diaper Gang!) running around EP land, accosting women with an attractive Avatar... things that make one go, "hmmmmm". <br />
*Pictures a gang tatoo...*<br />
<br />
*Shakes head once more and walks away...*

Ever since myspace's collapse, the creepers had to go somewhere. Its all about adapt and thrive! haha

I was married to a diaper loving man once. How do men come up with these creep obsessions?!

And you end up doing what the rest of us do. Don't add them and delete their requests.

quick, duck in here with me, you'll be safe....honest :-)

The pee and diaper crowd are always finding me too.

Once I got a diaper loving fellow as a fan. I wonder what brought that on?

I noticed your headline on your profile. I am not a stalker...are you? That would be so nice.

I can understand that because I am off the chain.

I am proud of you and you can be my friend on probation until you prove you aren't a pervert.

Did you say something?

I like that and I think we should have a mascot too for our cause.

Yes!!! I shall refrain from joyously dancing public.

You are a lovable perv so I keep you anyway.

Luckily the radar was under maintenance when you added me.

If I roll you over what's in it for me?

Sorry I was in a particularly bitchy mood that day.

****Oh Snap**** :-)

I don't think you would fit in to my circle. If you look at my top experiences you will see that one requirement to be part of my life is intelligence. I think the word you were looking for in your comment was "conceited" rather than I assume you were using "conceded." The definition of conceited is that it is an adjective meaning "having an excessively favorable opinion of one's abilities, appearance, etc." It is only conceit if it ISN'T true and the majority of the persons who know me here will tell you I am a sexy woman. Sexy is not limited to a physical appearance and it is a state of mind and being comfortable with who you are as a person,. Now if you were saying that you concede ( to acknowledge grudgingly or hesitantly) that you should not be in my circle then I apologize and agree that you most likely would not like to be in my circle because we don't take ourselves seriously and we are here to help one another and to have a good time. We aren't here to hassle other persons so you may want to find a different woman because I am not the one for you. And HELL NO you will never see my breasts nor will you ever touch them. I am a classic Southern Belle and we do not give it up to just anyone. I have more respect for myself than that but I do need to thank you for providing a public example of what I am getting on PM every day. Have a nice day darling. I am sure you will find your own friends but I am just not compatible with you.

Damn baby, this is ten words or less, and I

Having read all that all I could think was..... I'm thinking sensual woman, not sexy( even if being a little bit as conceited as the gentleman you accused)

yeah. okay sure there sexy lady,conceeded much?By the way I am sexy and I'm not a pervert and I aint going to be adding you to my circle thats for sure lol.Unless you really are sexy enough and dont get too perverted. Can i c ur boobs 'n' touch m2

But you have a sexy mind. It was a trade-off.

Poor men, like starving puppies watching what they can't have.

This sexy woman does not want a perverted man! Okay?

For every sexy woman there are a thousand sleazy men.

I did! I wrote this story for and about you.