You Found Me...

I'd be alone... if you hadn't turned back that day...
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Still since the dawn of time he had loved her.(I liked your ten word stories).<br />
hope12 , you would never believe this love story.<br />
she is my destiny, as well as my past,<br />
I have waded through oceans of time to find her again,<br />
3000 miles, met her anew online.<br />
who am I now for her to love me in return?<br />
a simple life is what I have this time around,<br />
not much money, no claim now to fame, no worldly power,<br />
but I do love her with all of my being.<br />
It will be about two years before I can even see her again, she has much healing from the past to do, as well as the work that I have yet to complete.<br />
Thank you for your kind words of encouragement,<br />
what was once lost,<br />
will be found again, <br />
a new beginning <br />
from an old end,<br />
love begins anew<br />
<br />
her name is ashtoreth,<br />
and damn do I love her,<br />
<br />

You're so welcome, Baal=]<br />
It's heartwarming to hear that you're not just going to let be and let go.... Love is an awesome and wonderful thing, especially when you have that knowing within that you've found someone really special. Love takes courage when times are tough or seems not to be going the way you'd like. When you've found your destiny - LOVE with your whole heart - Most importantly, let them know beyond a shadow of doubt what you feel inside. Also, where there's heartache, take your time, BUT NEVER GIVE UP ON LOVE.

thanks hope12, you reminded me to not let go of that woman that I love, shes 3000 mils away, I haven't seen her in what feels like lifetimes, but I love her, your words inspired me, thanks.<br />