Wild Wonder

I would trade heaven to caress her soft stretch marks.

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Angel Without wings, soul without boundaries, love final and complete

"Girls don't cry ...<br />
It takes a Momma to handle me"

My first hit single: "Baby, show me that baby belly."

Its not just tolerance of stretch marks. Its pure infatuation.

Jimmy ponders the dialog before letting fly with his axe:

Or could the world of rock be Lilly's future too?

Father says "best wait for more story before judging, Pops"

Hey Mister! You're not suppose to bust these guys up!

Is Jimmy the one? Will stretch-mark tolerance do it?

Looking to the far horizon, she will take on the world

Lilly's father dreams of the one who can lift her head

I'll take care of her. I'm a future rock star.


Yeah pops ... count to ten. <br />
<br />
We're going to elope tomorrow.

Standing bravely ...<br />
<br />
Mr. Lou, Lilly and I are in love.

Why must every beautiful girl have a crazy overprotective father?


Sir, we were , um , just studying for our anatomy class.

This time maybe he can defeat the distractions. Unbuttoning ... Admiring ...

Her father makes an appearance. "Put away that pop, shameonyou!"

Tumbling and smiling. Should he try for the stretchmarks again?

Noses nuzzling, don't bite it! Grass is my favorite flavor.

Grassy lips, giggling fields. <br />
<br />
Lets try licking the lollypop together?

That's what you think...spectators still lurking...........<br />
<br />
..........but good night! ;)

(Are they gone?) <br />
<br />
Her soft hair curls his awakened curiosity.

Continue those sweet words...woo like you haven't wooed before...

Creepy, but I'm not deterred.<br />
<br />
Lilly, are you still here? Lilly?

Paranoid is he now for what awaits him is unknown... ;)

What did you and WG do?? I'd marvel to know.

Never a sucker sucked more succulently than that sweet sucker.

Funny...we meaning me and WG...whatever are you thinking??? ...<br />
<br />
Continue your lollipop...we are mere spectators with a say...

After all that we did?? Sylph you are a puzzle.

Don't be jealous, Sylph. It's just a lollypop, isn't it?

Funny...don't lose points now...after all that we did...

Ehh ... just understood Lilly's comment.<br />
<br />
Blush.<br />
<br />
He marvels big time.

I marvel at many things. And that's my pop, WG!

How does she do it??! Pray do tell Miss Lilly.

"Let me suck it clean for you." Jimmy is speechless.

Well, Miss Lillypilly, is LOL, one word or three words?

He screws up his face. "That's got Dog pee onit"

"Oi!" she mumbles, mouth full of pop," they're not stretch-marks!"

It's not...but it's your story...so I'll shut up... ;)

Girl-germs is one word smarty pants. That's how I count.

*well, you fumbled with the shirt? with the lollipop? d-uh?*<br />
<br />
And you didn't write ten words again, Jimmy...just sayin'...

Hey I wasn't through with the lollypop. Girl-germs are sweet.

Dear fortunes he holds, that's for certain... ;)<br />
<br />
...touching, stroking, caressing...

Like an awkward teenager, he fumbles under her shirt cluelessly.

Never daunting...even if the taste is sweeter than expected...

Her saliva bubbled on the lollypop like strawberry pop rocks.

He hopes to feel stretchmarks :)<br />
<br />
You're body is a wonderland ....<br />
<br />
[Sorry Sylph - my counting skills are weak.]

Jimmy, that's just nine words...delete and edit please...NOW...

I can't write...can't think...too funny...you're all crazy!!! ...

she then wipes it to get off the girl germs...

WG...are they suppose to share the lollipop? Seriously now...

What next series? We are just getting stuck into this on Sylph!<br />
<br />
Jimmy pulls out a lollipop and gives her first suck...

Are the next series just between the two of them? ...

then they laugh and carry on like 16 year olds...

Dancing on a car in the moonlight. Watch your step.

Singing and poems,I wonder what mood Jimmy is in ?

she plants a big, sloppy kiss on his lips.....Mmmmwah!

By Carol King (except I'm singing):<br />
<br />
So far away; Doesn't anybody stay in one place any more? <br />
It would be so fine to see your face at my door; <br />
Doesn't help to know you're just time away;<br />
Long ago I reached for you and there you stood;<br />
Holding you again could only do me good;<br />
How I wish I could, but you're so far away.

NOOOooooooOO! and....<br />
<br />
....she clambers up beside on the car with her stretch-marks

Nobody deserves a serenade more. Let's see, thinking, ah yes...

Legs apart, guitar in hands, he stands steady, ready and...

Yes, serenade you must attempt...for the spectator still hopes...

I wonder if you would serenade her with your guitar?

I'll dream of another "what if" - not curing stretch marks. <br />
<br />

What if there is a miracle cure for stretch marks?

But it doesn't hurt to dream and wonder what if?

He is real and foolish. Another man deserves her more.

A spectator observes this story...what a sight to see...

He'll hold her hand, then wrap his arms round her.

She gives me warmth and she lights up my darkness.

Immortal she is. Her poetry is divine. Beauty her trademark.

Laurie, are we writing of the same person? How intriguing.

The immortality of her beauty had ensnared... Enslaved his heart...