Moments Like These

Smiling, as the sun sets I walk,enjoying my thoughts!

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beautiful serenity!

I once lived a block from the beach, back in those days I would come home from work, change my clothes and walk to the beach, just in time to see the sun set. It was always an extremely peaceful moment. There was one guy who would be there almost every time... doing Tai Chi. The whole scene always felt --- right!

thanks for the responses Scoobs and foreverjustme<br />
very different moments.

Alone with the universe, I sit while the sun sets.

Post this 10 word dog!

towhead09 So true your response.There is a peace the calms me right at those moments.: )

Thank you trying2breakfree Yes some saturdays are good to be lazy! hope yours was nice.

Saturday is a lazy day so do what you want!