Best Sight In The World you emerging from the Arrival Gate, smiling at me.

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Cheers! :D

Nah, it's fine. Just feeling like it.

But grumpy is my default setting, didn't you know, kitten?

LOL we are okay with teasings but we don't let the fact out!

Smiles and laughter never come easier when you are around!

thinks:wow! (plus 9 words:)

The sun shines brighter when you step into my day :)

dream or not dream,sight of u makes me smile*

Sight on you, feet steer me right into your arms :)


@geetar: My eyes met yours, the stars sigh, the universe stop :)<br />
<br />
@Kalp: Not always! Not when you're late coming into class and coming in chatting to boot! LOL

Susan.... She is so beautiful.........So glad it isn't you.

:) <br />

Have you noticed how much time elapsed since the day I signed up to EP to the day I actually wrote this, frito? :D<br />
<br />
It's difficult for me!!!<br />
<br />
(And notice that I can't continue geetar's line, LOL)

Great one liner June...I could feel it! :)

Lips curve, heart explodes with happiness - it's in the air.

Worth the wait, man, worth the wait! LOL Where on Earth have you been?<br />
<br />
Or should I say out of Earth? :D