Lost in memories forever longing always searching love will come.

Gaz7 Gaz7
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30 Responses Feb 18, 2010

you will find love never leave home without a smile on your face and do things you have always wanted to do. never be scared to say whats in your heart.

Gazza happy now yum yum girls look after Gazza good.

Yum, yum girls protect dang, dang with dang,dang teacossie.

dang dang bits not get too close don't like fire!

Dang dang bits need warming by fire? Me start fire.

dang dang bits not want to come out too cold!

Me want loin cloth off. See dang dang bits good!

But what good will she be if she's knocked senseless.

I could do but I haven't got a spare one!

Maybe ask yum,yum girls to mend loin cloth 4you. lol ;)

Does that mean I have to wear a loin cloth!

******** herself laughing* (not counted in the ten words)<br />
<br />
Yum yum girls need good hunting. Must sharpen spears good.

Jimmy not help Gazza take Queensland girls. Jimmy want them.

Jimmy understand now. Ugh. Me and Gazza hunt yummy girls.

Compliment their stories. Send Gifts. And stay away from Queensland. :)

You man. Gazza man. You help Gazza with hunting girls.

I know how to pull chicks, WG? Are you serious?

Confused here. Gazza is a man. And I'm not gay.

So Jimmy, what tips can you offer to pull chicks?

Like how you fit this into 10 words, Lilly. Youalswaysthinkoutsideofthebox. :)

Hmphphphph. *jealousy arising*. What about the Victorian girls? Aren't we goodenough?

Apparently Jimmy is the perfect match for our friend Gazza.

I have reserved all the women in Queensland. Sorry Gazza.

*rises eyebrows* Not sure if you are the perfect match!

It will come to you, Gazza. Don't go to Queensland.

Popping the sunscreen into a plastic bag incase it leaks :)

I think a Queenslander. Gazza needs a bit of warmth.

What do you think Lil? A Queenslander or Victorian gal?

Us silly! We will help Gazza find true love 4sure!

Searching, searching, if only he could post himself to Australia ;)