Cry Baby

If You have an ISSUE...

****** SAY IT!

Cry Baby!

BlueHaze09 BlueHaze09
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2 Responses Feb 21, 2010

lol you're very welcome!~ ;)

I agree with YOU completely!!!<br />
<br />
Speak up... SPEAK OUT and DO NOT TAKE S(!^ off of JERKS!!!<br />
<br />
And if YOU want to say "I LOVE YOU"... than LIVE it... BE the PERSON... dutiful to LOVE.<br />
If YOU want to say... "FRIEND"... than BE A FRIEND, faithful and TRUE!!!<br />
<br />
If YOU want SUSHI... talk about it...<br />
If YOU don't wear mascara... tell Me why, I will find it interesting,<br />
and If YOU love to wear lipstick but HATE the HYPE of other marketed make up which RIPS OFF FEMALES in costs at enormous FINANCIAL CRISIS to the poor... COOL FOR YOU and tell us!!!<br />
<br />
<br />
Tell us how the butterfly swims through the air on wings so colorful...<br />
SPEAK about the RAIN... and the RAINBOW so beautiful...<br />
WITNESS of =, and DEMAND that for the LIVES of WOMEN so victimized and wronged and exploited across the USA... and too WANT = for all RACES and all PEOPLE it is A GREAT something to SPEAK OF and SPEAK UP FOR...<br />
<br />
You want to leave a FRIEND a FANCY CHEERLEADER BEE... well GO ON AND DO IT!!!<br />
:D<br />
<br />
btw THANK YOU for my Buzzzzzing gift!!! ;)