Can't Have Anything If I Can't Have This One

I like myself of course and I believe that self-knowledge and self-esteem go hand in hand.
I spent most of my adolescent years being introspective, writing about my feelings, trying to get a handle on them and now at 38, I feel like I don't have to fight them, so that's your first.

I like that I am smart and intelligent and that people will either see me under one or the other and that it also participate in solidifying my self-esteem.

I like that I can be so focused and driven into one thing and researching it ad nauseam, and that's what keeps the mind from being old and crusty. As I mentioned in another story / experience, I like being curious in more ways than one. Drifting/Japanese/BDSM/Math/Science/Language/Photography/Politics/Religion/Psychology/Food/Relationships...

I like that I am a good listener and that people can find me pleasant to talk with... it's no secret either that I can be quite a flirt and that I have wonderful ways with women and words within weasons.

Although the fifth item might change from times to times, I like that I keep my stress level at a minimum and that I've been brought up to be tolerant and open-minded... maybe that's two items but oh well :-)

Edit: As for open-minded and trying something unusual, I joined my wife for an at least 20 minutes of yoga session although my body could only stretch as far as yo and left the -ga hanging. Who knew that behind such benign words as "triangle", "table", "cat", "chair" and "tree" could hide a world of pain... but it was very good experience to learn more about the limits of my body and I would be happy to go back again. :-)
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a feline father... purrrr.... ouch, even that "cat" position was hard on my knees!

I strongly second the sentiment that many of these would be on my list. But there are others that I would want to include on a list as well...and only some of which (such as that you are a feline father) would be suitable for sharing in a public forum. know I hate the pressure of writing assignments. If I get a brain swell (which is hardly likely) I will attack this.

I'd like to hear what my fives would be from your point of view :)

Not to toot my own horn but I think I could have written a few of these for your five myself....not in your eloquent way mind you, but the main ideas were there. :)